The Lucky Soul presents

The Art of Decision Making:
How to Make Bomb-Ass Choices that Feel Like Solid Gold

Learn how to make easy, fast and intuitive decisions using the wisdom of your body.

Does this sound like you?

• I feel overwhelmed with so many options.

• I am always asking my best friend/ mom/ partner/ Google/ etc. what to do.

• I'm afraid of making the wrong decision and stay stuck in fear.

• I struggle with making decisions quickly and agonize for hours or days with both smaller decisions (what to text or email back) and bigger choices (should I move to New York? should I dump him?)

What if things could be different?

How amazing would it be if you could tune into your body at any given moment and know EXACTLY what to do?

Imagine being able to tell the difference between a YES, a NO and a "NOT YET."

How amazing would it be if you had intuitive exercises to draw on in ANY MOMENT to help you move forward quickly and easily?

Imagine a pocketfull of body-centered decision-making exercises you could pull out in any situation to guide you forward successfully.

How amazing would it be you trusted yourself 100 to make the best decision -- and didn't doubt yourself anymore?

Imagine knowing in your bones that you were making the best decision -- and didn't need any outside validation.

If you’re finding yourself nodding along to all this, you’re not alone…

Take it from someone who used to not be able to pick a song to listen to or a color of paint....

I used to struggle hard-core with making decisions. I was raised to put other people's needs ahead of my own and I lost touch with my own intuition.

The problem wasn't that I didn't know the answers.... it's that I didn't know how to tune into them.

My problem was that I was trying to THINK my way into the answers using logic and reasoning. I was too much in my head. And that just drove me bananas and further confused me.

Along the way, I met some amazing teachers who taught me that my body was a compass and if I learned how to tune in, I would be able to feel into the answers I wanted.

My body was always talking to me. 🤯

Which is why I’m soooo excited to introduce:

The Art of Decision-Making

This course will help you create the life of your dreams by teaching you how to tune into your body's innate intuitive wisdom and decision-making capabilities.

Your body is biologically designed to show you the way. Every nudge, every weird feeling, every hunch you have is your body's way of talking to you.

You have the ability to access a deep and vast reservoir of intuitive knowledge that's hiding right inside you. But how?

Inside the course, I share 13 different body-centered exercises that will help you get OUT of thinking brain and INTO intuitive/ body-brain. These exercises are simple, fast, and FUN! They can give you knowledge about a pressing decision in seconds.

Here’s what you’ll get when you enroll:


Immediate Downloadable Access

You get immediate access to the entire course and the ability to download to your devices.

Value: $100


13 body-centered exercises

You get 13 easy and fun body-centered decision-making exercises to add to your toolbox to help you make decision-making effortless for the rest of your life.

Value: $111


Additional tools in case you get stuck

You get bonus audios on what to do if you get stuck in the "muddy middle" or have multiple options and don't know what to do.

Value: $44


Access to all future upgrades + additional exercises

Any time the course is upgraded, you get the new stuff free of charge!

Value: $79


Tools to amplify your intuition

Wouldn't it be cool if you had some extra ninja tools to help you upgrade your intuitive abilities? I've included a bonus audio + cheat sheet on just that for you!

Value: $44


Cheat Sheet PDFs for every exercise

I took notes so you don't have to. Every exercise comes with a downloadable PDF of the most important points so you can easily access each tool when you need it.

Value: $79

A total value of over $450

Join now for just $97


"As someone who has a lot of decisions every day, both personally and in business, this course was just what I needed! Karen offers many techniques that take the pressure off the mind and help you tune into your intuition. I was surprised (and relieved) by some of the the results. Plus, these exercises are a lot of fun. Highly recommended!"

—The Art of Decision Making Student

"This course is so excellent! Makes decision-making a lot more fun.

I absolutely loved it. Just exactly what I needed! Like EXACTLY what I needed!!!! Can’t tell you how much I loved it."

—The Art of Decision Making Student

"The exercise you taught me "the body knows the sway" has completely changed my life when it comes to making decisions. All I have to do is stop, square my feet, get grounded, take a couple of deep breaths, and ask the question. Thank you for giving me this key to eeeeeeeeasy decision making."

—The Art of Decision Making Student

Still on the fence about it?

This isn't just for you...

So many people benefit when you have easy access to your innate wisdom...

💖 You can share these exercises with your kids and your family. (your kids will thank you)

💖 If you're a coach, you can add them to your toolkit and share them with your clients. (your clients will love them)

💖 This course makes a great gift for the personal development junkie in your life! (your friend will drool over the fact that you just made her life so much easier!)


How long do I have access to the course?

You'll have immediate access to all of the material as soon as you enroll and you'll have lifetime access.

What if I am unhappy with the course? Do you offer refunds?

Since you have immediate access to the entire course upon signing up and can download the material, there are no refunds. This is done to protect my material and make sure my students are committed before purchasing. Please note, I do provide a feedback form inside the course and would welcome your thoughts and suggestions.

Is this course just for women?

This course is gender-neutral. Anyone who is looking for game-changing out-of-the-box decision-making tools is welcome and will benefit!

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