Have you ever wondered why your relationship with money is so screwy?

The good news is, it's not your fault. You've been living inside of a patriarchal system designed to get you to think less, be less, desire less and earn less.

Learn how to take back your power from money and the patriarchal system that wants to keep it from you.

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"I just did your money class and love how you included matriarchy, patriarchy and being neurodivergent. All the things.

It was so inclusive and not what is out there. It's a real and honest take. It was refreshing."

Denise P., Holistic Health and Mindset Coach

Is this you??

"I'm just not good with money."

"I don't feel fully qualified to charge that much/ reach out to that person/ promise that result..."

"I should just be grateful for what I have."

"Rich people are evil."

"I'm too scared to put myself out there and to ask for what I'm worth."

"I feel uncomfortable asking for money."

Don't worry, sweet friend. I've certainly been there too. And so have so many other women+.

You are >>ThisClose<< to cracking The Money Code once and for all.

Like happiness, money is an inside job. But what you don't know about money can hurt you. (Well... it definitely hurts your bottom line.)

Making more money isn't just about tweaking your resume or learning the next budgeting or investing strategy.

It's about uncovering the hidden beliefs and programs that are RUNNING your money show and keeping you from making MORE.

Are you ready to watch your hidden money beliefs dissolve in a *POOF* so you can start creating some money magic?



Why budgets, balance sheets and investment strategies aren't changing your finances, (...but a "Whole Body Approach" to money will).


Identify the familial, religious and patriarchal money programming that is keeping $$ from flowing to you. (It's NOT about money.)


Learn the body-based tool Pro EFT™ Tapping to calm your central nervous system and tap into money confidence. (No experience necessary.)


Grab your bonus cheat sheet for 21 super practical strategies to help get in right relationship with money. (& 12 things to STOP doing right now if you want more money).

"I just watched your training series - so enlightening and powerful! Definitely brought me to tears multiple times, I need this so bad!"

R.G., meditation teacher, Los Angeles

My name is Karen Berzanski and I'm a recovering Underearner, Coupon-Cutting Queen. and Lack-Mentality Expert turned Money Mindset Coach...

In 2017 I found myself in nearly $13K of debt and I was pretty scared. And when I dug into the work of healing my own relationship with money, I realized I had a TON of hidden money programming that was keeping me from making more money.

These programs stemmed from events in my life, from family and religious belief systems, from what I was taught about how to be a woman in the world, .. and more!

Hallelujah! There was a bonafide reason my deprivation-laced thinking and hyper-vigilant money actions were not moving the needle.

>>It wasn't about the money.<<

Once I learned how to heal the money programs, I cleared the debt (and took a trip to Costa Rica + bought a new-to-me-car during that time), added tens of thousands of dollars to my IRA and more-than-tripled my rates (and got paid).

Since then, I've been featured on the number one rated financial podcast, SO MONEY, with resident Today Show Money Expert, Farnoosh Torabi, shared the stage with Hello Seven founder, Rachel Rodgers and marketing expert and author of The Widest Net, Pamela Slim, and built a growing business.

My clients and students have more than doubled their rates and salaries, secured dream jobs, created multiple 5-figure months, been featured on Yahoo News, goop and more.

My philosophy is that your WHOLE LIFE matters when it comes to your finances.

It's not as simple as money in/ money out (any more than it is "calories in/ calories out") and if you're not looking at your finances from a holistic POV, and taking care of your central nervous system along the way.... you're simply not going to move the needle.

READY to JOIN ME on this Magical Money Carpet Ride??

Here's what's INSIDE...

1. 3 Bite-Sized Money Mindset Training Videos

2. Guided Tapping Session on Releasing Financial Stress (no experience necessary)

+ BONUS CHEAT SHEETS to help you get in right relationship with money

🌟 21 Easy Abundance-Activating Strategies

(+ 12 things you need to STOP doing right now if you want more money)

🌟 26 Powerful Money Mantras

For creative and spiritual women+ rising entrepreneurs who are ready to break free of hidden money programming and tap into money confidence.

It doesn't matter if you're a first-rate money-procrastinator, struggle with worthiness or are stuck in scarcity-thinking... this training will help you move beyond money pain and into money freedom.

Boost your money confidence AND your bottom line.

You deserve to have a relationship with money that feels FUN and EXCITING. Like something that adds to your life rather than depletes it.

It's time to tear down that old patriarchal money paradigm and step into an entirely new financial reality.

"Thanks so much for giving me a virtual kick in the butt, I’m feeling really motivated and excited in a way I wasn’t just last week."

~E.M., visual artist

Your bottom line is waiting

There’s no better time to learn what's holding you back from making MORE.

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