The Lucky Soul presents

The Lucky Soul Tapping Studio

Over 75 tapping sessions - any time you need them -- at your fingertips.

Does this sound like you?

• I wish I had a toolbox of mind-body tools lean on when I hit an upper limit or get stuck in FOMO or Compare and Despair.

• I wish tapping and coaching sessions were more affordable.

• I wish I could request specific tapping topics based on what I'm experiencing right now.

• I wish I had access to a library of mind-body tools from someone who understands the entrepreneurial/ creative journey, is an expert in uncovering and releasing hidden success/ money blocks, and occasionally throws down an F-bomb.

How amazing would it be if...

You had access to body-based tools to overcome fear, FOMO and the "not good enoughs" any time you needed them?

You could increase your confidence, stop procrastinating, 86 perfectionism and feel good about yourself and your progress?

You could pick a topic you're struggling with and get support any time you needed?

Get access to my entire "Tap it Out Tuesday" video library

"Tap it Out Tuesday" was a weekly live tapping session inside my private Facebook group for over 18 months.

In that time, I recorded over 75 tapping sessions, 2 money mindset challenges and 2 ending self sabotage challenges.

Topics range from clearing the fear of rejection to releasing financial stress to stepping out of your comfort zone and so much MORE.

My students loved these sessions so much that I created a library where they are all organized so you could access them whenever you need to. (No need to scroll through Facebook for hours trying to find the right topic!)

Here's a sneak peek of what's inside:

🙌 Tapping on "What will they think?!"
🙌 Tapping to End Compare and Despair
🙌 Tapping on Feeling Behind
🙌 Tapping on the Fear of Getting on Live Video
🙌 Tapping on "I'm not meant to be rich"
🙌 Tapping on Trusting Your Intuition
🙌 Tapping on Feeling Icky or Greedy for Wanting More
🙌 Tapping on Letting Yourself Be an Open Channel to Receive
🙌 Tapping through Perfectionism
🙌 Tapping on Unhooking from Past Mistakes
...and so much MORE!

All these Tapping Sessions.... and MORE!

Here’s what you’ll get when you enroll:


Access to the entire "Tap it Out Tuesday" Video Library

Value: $997


Access to the Money Mindset REBOOT Tapping Challenge Part 1 & Part 2

Value: $197


Access to the End Self Sabotage Tapping Challenge Part 1 & Part 2

Value: $197

You'll also be able to request a new tapping topic any time you want.

⏰ All sessions are labeled for time so you know how long the ENTIRE video is and how long the Tapping Session is within the video.

Most tapping sessions are about 10-14 minutes long.

A total value of over $1,100

Join now for just $49


Cancel any time.

This is an investment in your self care, your mindset, your mental/ emotional/ spiritual health. For just $15/mo you can access the support you need on virtually any topic you wish. The library is open 24/7.


How long do I have access to the library?

You'll have immediate access to all of the material as soon as you enroll and you'll have access until you cancel or the library closes.

What if I am unhappy? Do you offer refunds?

There are no refunds, however you can cancel any time.

Do I need tapping experience?

Nope! All you need to do is follow along, tap where I tap and repeat after me! It's that easy. (Just remember this is called "Tapping," not "Pounding." :)

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