M-$POT: The Money Membership Experience

Formerly a 6-week course, M-$POT is transforming into a monthly membership!!

Inside the membership, you'll get everything M-$POT used to be.... and MORE.

For a limited time -- now through June 13th, you have the opportunity to become an M-$POT Founding Member at a Founding-Members-Only special rate that will be locked in as long as you remain a member in good standing.

Get ready to say goodbye to feeling anxious and overwhelmed with money, doubting your own worthiness and HELLO to clear, confident and EXCITED about money. Ready to claim what you want without apology and step into the financial life you desire.

What is M-$POT?

M-$POT is the ultimate membership experience to help creative & spiritual women+ release their inner blocks to outer wealth and tap into abundance in all areas of their lives.

Inside you'll learn how to...

Release hidden money programming keeping you from the wealth you desire

Start making more money without a side of guilt or shame

Get unapologetically visible and gain the confidence to go bigger

Use Pro EFT™ Tapping to tap into your unlimited financial power

Love notes from my students...

“Working with you opened up my aperture for what I thought I was capable of doing.
My income really went up a lot-- it’s a nice bump, about $20k more and I really feel it was attributed to the work we did together."

"I feel like I've cleared stuck energy patterns negative emotional patterns & blocks. Like poverty programming & fear of finishing projects. Now I am feeling great believing that rich = infinite possibilities."

"Before M-$POT, I had to like, breathe into a paper bag prior to this course to get myself to do the work that brought in money.

The tapping around Creative Wounding was really helpful bc my family would sh*t on any work that wasn’t corporate work. I actually found myself in a flow state doing revenue generating activities. So excited, no resistance!"

"I’m creating a lot more choices for myself without being afraid of the money stories from the past.

It’s like a spell has been broken."

Inside the membership, you'll not only get the course material from M-$POT the course, but you'll get ongoing support, community and LIVE tapping.

Don't miss the Founding Member M-$POT enrollment!

This price is for Founding Members Only and will be the BEST rate ever offered.

Time left to join:

M-$POT will help you...

Significantly reduce money stress & overwhelm
by learning practical strategies that will take you from a paradigm of “money as enemy” to “money as ally.”

Release your hidden blocks to wealth by learning how to unhook from the money stories and beliefs you grew up with.

Create a financial life free from sabotage by getting out of your own way and learning ninja tools to outsmart your fear before it even shows up.

Delight in being seen, happy, healthy and wealthy by taking concrete action to construct a new money identity.

Make yourself 100% available for the financial life you want
by letting go of expectations of who others think you should be & tapping into who YOU want to be.

Radically increase your sense of worthiness & deservedness. Say goodbye to the “not good enoughs” and lean into a life of “more-than-enough” by building steel-grade self-trust.

But why does working on your money mindset even matter??

👉 In 2024, women are still only make about .84 to the man's dollar (even less if you're BIPOC) .

👉 And not only do we get paid less, but due to a number of unfair factors, our lifetime earnings over time are hundreds of thousands of dollars LESS than our male counterparts.

👉 Add on to that the fact that, due to the "Pink Tax," we're paying thousands of dollars more for the exact same products targeted to men.

👉 On average, women receive 20% less in Social Security benefits than men. And some experts forecast that SS will run out by the time many Americans are ready to retire.

So we're making less, paying more and retiring with less -- AND will likely have to stretch those dollars 5-7 years longer on average due to our longer life span.

Who does that benefit??

(hint: not women.)

It's time to close the gaps.

But no one is talking about the unique challenges women face when it comes to money.

Most money gurus are NOT talking about the hidden barriers to wealth that women+ face.

Budgets and spreadsheets will only get you so far. If you're only using surface-level strategies and tactics, you may make some progress, but you're likely to back pedal because you haven't gotten to the root of the issue.

Money work is deep and it takes time. It's an intimate topic that carries a lot of shame, guilt and fear -- which is why it's so important to take your central nervous system into account when doing this work.

It's why Pro EFT™ Tapping is a core tool of M-$POT. Because in order to make progress (and not sabotage), you need to feel safe the whole way through.

AND... it's why you deserve a supportive community of people who "get it." -- Where your challenges are met with compassion, your wins are met with enthusiasm and your money journey is honored and celebrated in all its forms.

Time left to join:

“As a result of M-$POT,
I made an inventory of my financial body. I decided to quit a job that was underpaying me and focus full time on my business."

~Camille Thornton-Alson, actor and podcast host

~E.B., sales leader and yoga teacher

Hi there! I'm Karen Berzanski, Transformational Money Mindset Coach and Certified Pro EFT™ Tapping Coach

You may have seen me on So Money, in Dow Janes or in the Sparkle, Hustle, Grow communities. I've also shared a virtual stage with marketing expert Pam Slim and Founder of Hello Seven, Rachel Rodgers.

My clients have started businesses, doubled their salaries, saved hundreds of dollars a month, created multiple 5-figure months, & been featured on The Today Show, Yahoo News, goop & more.

But it wasn't always so pretty...

I’m also a recovering underearner, coupon-cutter, and lack-mentality EXPERT.

In 2017, I found myself in nearly $13k in debt and I knew I had some work to do...

In order for me to realize my own money-potential, I had to take a good, hard, honest look at my finances – and the stories I’d both created and been programmed with.

Then I had to make a decision. Did I want financial freedom? Or did I want to stay in the same-old same-old comfortable (yet super uncomfortable) story?

I decided I wanted freedom more than I wanted to stay stuck.

I did the hard work of changing my money stories and what I thought I was worth.

I started creating more value in the world.

I paid off all the debt.

I raised my one-to-one rate from $364/month to $7k for a 3 months (& I got PAID).

I added in luxury and pleasure (even when I was still in debt — I took a trip to Costa Rica AND bought a new-to-me car!).

I started investing.

I have learned how to navigate the negative money voices in my head and transcend the lack-based money paradigm of my youth.

I found the confidence to believe in myself and my dreams, splitting my time between coaching and being a working actor/ creative.


As a Founding Member, you're going to have the opportunity to help me shape this membership!

Everything from the name to the content to the live sessions and all the bonuses..... I'm going to be asking you for your feedback along the way so I can make sure I'm serving you at the highest level and giving you what you most want and need.

🙌 This means that you get in on the ground floor at an incredible rate. AND... you'll get more personalized support at this level. 🙌

My vision for this membership is that it becomes the go-to platform for women+ who want to uplevel their finances, their life and their impact.

This vision includes not just what I teach in M-$POT (the former course), but also money strategy, business-building, collaboration, networking, and more.

The vision includes guest experts who will teach on topics like investing, negotiation, Human Design, nervous system regulation, and more.

💫 As a Founding Member -- you get the BEST deal I will offer for this membership. 💫

And it will never go up as long as you remain a member in good standing.

Here's what you can expect inside the membership...

I'll be "chunking" the M-$POT course down into manageable bite-sized pieces each month so you can take "smaller bites," get the support you need, tap with me and integrate what you're learning on a deeper level.

Each month, you can expect:

  • A minimum of 2 LIVE calls to help you implement, integrate and take action.

    • LIVE Tapping

    • LIVE Q&A

  • Supportive 24/7 community

  • A new content drop

  • Downloadable "Lucky Sheet" PDFs to help you go deeper

  • Access to the entire Lucky Soul Tapping Studio filled with over 70+ tapping sessions on different aspects of your money mindset

🎉 Think: less overwhelm, more fun, and consistent progress towards your money goals and dreams.

Inside of M-$POT: The Money Membership Experience, I'll help you take laser-focused action towards your money goals every step of the way.

It's a journey and we'll get there together.

🙋🏻‍♀️ You're never alone! 🙋🏾‍♀️

Here's a sneak peek of what you'll see inside the membership area...


💸 Feeling an embodied " yes, my services are a steal at this price and there are plenty of folks who are glad to pay me an income that supports me to thrive"

💸 Feeling great about receiving (and asking for) plenty(!) of money

💸 Feeling like an affluent life was your "normal"

💸 Moving form scarcity to abundant mindset around earning, charging, having and spending money

💸 Having the support of a community so you don’t have to take the scary money steps alone


The M-$POT Core Content Looks Like This...

Master the basics of Pro EFT™ Tapping and learn how to set concrete (un-scary) money goals that feel super exciting.

You’ll learn the foundations of what constitutes a great relationship w/money. Start shifting out of the energy of “money-as-enemy” and into the energy of “money-as-partner.” You’ll learn how to align your spending with your deepest values.

Like the bad boyfriends of years past, we also need to learn how to let go of the old relationship we have with money.

How do you move beyond the money wounds of the past & not let past hurts interfere with your big money dreams? Learn to create an exciting new money story that works for YOU and your life today while leaving the past where it belongs.

Our family's money story is a powerful thing. You’ll learn how to unhook from your family’s money paradigm (and hidden expectations) and give unhealthy patterns back to your ancestors.

You’ll learn to feel confident creating the money future of your dreams where you alone are the “master of your money house.”

It’s scary leaving the past behind which is exactly when all the LBs (Limiting Beliefs) and Fs (Fears) will start popping up trying to hold you back from "True Money Love."

You’ll learn the ninja tools to keep sabotage, procrastination and fear at bay so you and Money can stay together forever. .

How do you transcend our dysfunctional collective past to elevate yourself into a more equitable and bountiful future?

Here, you’ll learn how to walk away from the patriarchal power abuse and build healthy boundaries and habits around your Money Love Life.

How good can you really let it get? As you start getting comfortable with MORE, we’ll explore the limiting beliefs that come up as you dare to stand confidently in the energy of “more than enough.”

You’ll learn how to navigate the judgment, criticism, and fear that will be stirred up as you start shining & earning unapologetically in the world .

But this isn't all.... As the membership grows, so will the content! 🙌

M-$POT the course is valued at $1,597. And that was with 6 weeks of support.

With the membership, the investment is just $79/month and you'll get all the support you want for as long as you want.

For less than $2.70/ day (that's less than a daily Starbucks habit), you can get everything inside the course + more. But only if you choose to join as a Founding Member!

There are 2 ways to become a Founding Member

Annual Plan: $790
(2 months free)

Cancel anytime

Monthly Plan: $79

Cancel anytime

This price is for Founding Members only and will be the BEST rate ever offered.

Time left to join:

Love notes from my students...

I felt so resistant to even emailing a former client to check in – I didn’t want to look desperate– but after embracing “desperate” as one of my money shadows, I did it. I opened up to get paid.

I’m in a different place when I started. I have more wishes for my future and a stronger belief that I can get there. I’m less anxious and when I get anxious I have tools to use.

After working with you I have become aware on a much deeper level of what is keeping me back. I’m now able to recognise when I am self sabotaging my own success. I’m also able to notice when I’m feeling resistance and then tap on it help myself loosen up. I’m noticeable less perfectionistc, because I value my time in a different way and I’m not so afraid of making mistakes.

I was really surprised at how my wording changed. I went from: Money is hard. Money is not for someone like me. Money is for people who deserve it. Money is hard earned. And in the end: Money is freedom, power, self care, for the future. Peace. I was like: WOW! I wrote that!? You really think about it. What CAN money do? What WILL money do? You start to think of all the good and powerful things.

Ready to join the Money Party and join us a Founding Member??

🎉 I'm so excited to welcome you inside. 🎉

Annual Plan: $790
(2 months free)

Cancel anytime

Monthly Plan: $79

Cancel anytime

This price is for Founding Members only and will be the BEST rate ever offered.

Time left to join:

Money is like water. It can be a conduit for commitment, a currency of love.

Money moving in the direction of our highest commitments nourishes our world and ourselves.

-Lynne Twist


Headline that hooks people in, gets them excited and makes them want to sign up.

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