You and Me


Fearlessly Creating

Feeling proud of yourself and your business. Unafraid to open up to new collaborations and possibilities (Periscope, anyone?). Launching your best work. Creating with consistency, ease and heart.

Making money and a living doing what you love most

Can I get a hallelujah?

Feeling over the moon excited about your life and business

Imagine all the possibilities, magic and love that would be available for you — and radiating it out into the world with confidence and clarity

Creating with a calm, clear confident mind

Mastering your mindset so it supports you as you grow and expand in your life and business. Free from worry and self-doubt. Unstoppable in every direction.

Personalized EFT sessions will always get you farther faster. Together we will create a plan for you to create a plan for you to conquer your mindset… and then the world.

Together let’s create the frame of body and mind to confidently…

~(Re)launch your website or online empire
~Rock your next speaking gig
~Beat your inner critic
~Start your business while working your day job
~Flip your blog post to Arianna Huffington
~Forgive your former boss for keeping you small
~Bust through the plateau you’ve hit in business and life
~Let go of former business “failures”
~Embrace the rocky road called the “entrepreneurial journey”

and much, much more.

Not sure which option is best for you? Book a Complimentary Pre-Flight Boarding Call!





I’m not in LA, can I still work with you?

Yes! I work with people all over the world through magical technologies like the telephone and Zoom!


What if I’ve never done EFT before?

No worries, darlin! I’ll teach you everything you need to know in our sessions and send you some resources before we meet to get you started.


What will we accomplish together?

You create your own results. It depends on your goals and commitment. Isn’t that empowering? In our first session we’ll explore your long term and short term goals, and how we can best work together as a team.


What are you looking for in a client?

~You’re highly motivated.

~You consciously want to change.

~You’re willing to do the work, dig deep, be honest, and check in with me on the regular


This is a partnership. You’ll get the best results if you bring your A-game. I’m a gentle coach, and I will also challenge you (and hopefully make you laugh from time to time!)

If you’re willing and ready to show up, scroll back up and book me!

If for some reason (emotionally, financially), you’re feeling overextended, it’s probably not the right time.


Do you work with dudes?

Yes! While I attract a lot of dudettes, dudes are totally welcome.


What’s the difference between Pro EFT and EFT?

EFT is short for Emotional Freedom Technique. Pro EFT (Progressive Energy Field Tapping) is an advanced form of EFT in that we use 2 extra points on the body as well as more specific language and tools that you get better results faster.


Do you offer guarantees?

Your success is always dependent on your level of commitment. Therefore, I do not offer guarantees.

My clients who consistently show up, even when the going gets tough, create the best results — the fastest.


I’m so ready to get started! What the heck do I do next?

YAY!! Let’s get this party started!

  1. Scroll back up and choose the package that makes your heart sing.
  2. After you click “Book your pre-flight boarding call,” you’ll be directed to another page to answer a few Qs so I can learn more about how I can support you. After that, grab a latte and hang tight. I’ll be in touch!


Once you sign up, I’m yours (sort of). The moment you say YES, I’m on your team. Rooting for your success. I’ll share my best resources and support in every way I can. Play “full out” and you’ll maximize your odds of success.