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Personalized Support

1:1 fully-customized coaching services to help you reach your financial goals and dreams.

Group Learning

For creative and spiritually-minded women who want to make more money and activate the energy of abundance in all areas of their lives.

Learn at your own pace

For anyone who wants lifelong tools to help them get out of debt, trust their decisions and more.


The ultimate 6-week membership experience to help creative & spiritual women release their inner blocks to outer wealth and tap into abundance in all areas of their lives.

Founding Member Enrollment Opens June 10th, 2024


🌟You deserve to be able to make as much as you want while making an impact and enjoying your life to the fullest.

🌟You deserve to get your ideas and visions out in the world and be paid handsomely.

🌟You deserve to have lifelong tools you can use to support you in being the truest, most authentic, wildly self-expressed, unapologetically visible and richest version of yourself.

I'm here to help you get there.

A fully-customized 3+ month deep dive to rewrite your hidden money programming and a personalized roadmap to the success you desire.


I lead workshops for entrepreneurial Mastermind groups, community groups, yoga studios, women’s groups and more.

Workshops range from 30 min - full day, both virtual and in-person.

Topics Include:

Money Mindset

Pro EFT™ Tapping


Owning your story

Money & Spirituality

Stress Management

Entrepreneurial Success


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Thanks to Karen, something in me was ignited. I ended up deciding I want to be a millionaire and am now taking steps to get there. I was also invited to do a talk with a big person in my field and I just said yes. I still can’t believe I’m doing this!

~K.C, Maryland


Money is an inside job.

Learn how to RE-WIRE your hidden money programs and beliefs so you can make more money. (Your money blocks are NOT about money!)

Your new Money Future starts right now.


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