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One subconscious reason you WANT to hold on to debt

October 25, 20233 min read

Why would anyone WANT to hold on to debt?


On the surface, there seem to be no good reasons.


  • You wind up paying MORE for your purchases over time because of interest (oftentimes a LOT more)


  • It impacts your credit score.


  • It makes you feel like a weight is hanging over you at all times.


  • It breeds shame, embarrassment and sadness.


Yick, right?


But despite being aware of those surface-level reasons why you don’t want debt, there are also subconscious programs that may be “fighting with” your conscious desire to get rid of it.


Today I want to talk about one of those subconscious programs that's making you want to hold on to debt and that’s resentment.


If your debt is the result of a wrongdoing – someone did you wrong, you were misled, you were the victim of a scam, or maybe even the victim of someone else’s negligence – there’s probably a part of you that feels justifiably angry.


And the debt stands as black and white evidence that what happened wasn’t fair. It is a concrete representation of the wrongdoing.

And the anger you feel around that wrongdoing keeps that debt locked in place –


Because if you let go of the anger, how would said person/ institution know what they did was wrong?


Who would keep them "on the hook"?


Who would hold them responsible?


Here’s the hard truth:


As valid and justified as your resentment might be, it’s only hurting one person.


In order to let go of the debt, the anger and resentment have to go first.


The idea that you have to “Karma Police” the universe has to go first.


You get to decide what you want more:


1.    To keep being mad/ angry/ resentful (and hurting only one person)

2.    Or to let this go and move on so you can create wealth.


I’m not saying this is an easy decision.


What I am saying is that this is a bonafide CHOICE you get to make.


I lost tens of thousands of dollars after being hit and run over by a car. At the end of all of it, I did not recoup that money. The lawsuit “winnings” did not even cover all of my expenses.


And I had to take a really hard look at my situation and ask myself those same 2 questions.


Which conveniently boil down to a Dr. Phil-ism…. Do you want to be right? Or do you want to be happy?


I wanted happiness (and wealth) more than I wanted to be “right.”


As a result of my choice, I was able to pay off nearly $13k in debt, start a business and and start investing.


That choice was not saying to the world that what happened was OK. It wasn’t putting my stamp of approval on it. It wasn’t even “forgiving” it.

💞It was letting go of the anger so I could have peace and move on.


I hate that things in this world aren’t always fair or just. It sucks. And it’s worth acknowledging the suckiness. (Tap, tap, tap…)


But my dear friend, you always have a choice.

❤️ What will you choose today? Hit reply and let me know. I love hearing from you.


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