The Money Membership Experience

Formerly a 6-week course, M-$POT is transforming into a monthly membership!!

I realized that 6 weeks is simply NOT ENOUGH TIME to learn and integrate everything inside the course. Money work is deep. It takes time. And, perhaps most importantly, requires community.

Inside the membership, you'll get everything M-$POT used to be.... and MORE.

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Doors open June 10th, 2024

What is M-$POT?

M-$POT is the ultimate membership experience to help creative & spiritual women release their inner blocks to outer wealth and tap into abundance in all areas of their lives.

Inside you'll learn how to...

Release hidden money programming keeping you from the wealth you desire

Start making more money without a side of guilt or shame

Get unapologetically visible and gain the confidence to go bigger

Use Pro EFT™ Tapping to tap into your unlimited financial power

“This course opened up my aperture for what I thought I was capable of doing.
My income really went up a lot-- it’s a nice bump, about $20k more
and I really feel it was attributed to the work we did together."

"I feel like I've cleared stuck energy patterns negative emotional patterns & blocks. Like poverty programming & fear of finishing projects. Now I am feeling great believing that rich = infinite possibilities."

"Before this course, I had to like, breathe into a paper bag prior to this course to get myself to do the work that brought in money.

The tapping around Creative Wounding was really helpful bc my family would sh*t on any work that wasn’t corporate work.

I actually found myself in a flow state doing revenue generating activities. So excited, no resistance!"

"I’m creating a lot more choices for myself without being afraid of the money stories from the past.

It’s like a spell has been broken."


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M-$POT will help you...

Significantly reduce money stress & overwhelm
by learning practical strategies that will take you from a paradigm of “money as enemy” to “money as ally.”

Release your hidden blocks to wealth by learning how to unhook from the money stories and beliefs you grew up with.

Create a financial life free from sabotage by getting out of your own way and learning ninja tools to outsmart your fear before it even shows up.

Delight in being seen, happy, healthy and wealthy by taking concrete action to construct a new money identity.

Make yourself 100% available for the financial life you want
by letting go of expectations of who others think you should be & tapping into who YOU want to be.

Radically increase your sense of worthiness & deservedness. Say goodbye to the “not good enoughs” and lean into a life of “more-than-enough” by building steel-grade self-trust.


What are you waiting for?
Your bottom line is already waiting...

“As a result of this course,
I made an inventory of my financial body. I decided to quit a job that was underpaying me and focus full time on my business."


Headline that hooks people in, gets them excited and makes them want to sign up.

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