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How I got on a podcast with 30m downloads

November 02, 20238 min read

If you haven't heard it yet, you can listen to my SO MONEY podcast HERE!

It was an honor to be interviewed by Today Show money expert, Farnoosh Torabi. 

And today, I want to give you the play-by-play on EXACTLY how I "manifested" this. (I'm not big on that word for many reasons… another post.)

So without further adieu, here’s how I got on a podcast with 30 million downloads: 


1. I set a clear intention.

Somewhere in the midst of 2022 I decided I wanted to focus on growing my community. Meaning, I wanted to meet more women entrepreneurs and build my audience. Visibility is something that I’m actively working on – and I knew that had to mean something beyond posting more on social.

2. I started noticing opportunities that lined up with my intention.

Because of that intention, I started noticing emails that said, “join my challenge and be part of this Facebook community of other fabulous business owners!” or posts in groups that said, “I’m looking for someone to host a masterclass in my membership!” or invitations to join a tailored/ paid community of people I wanted to connect with. (I joined one of those this year and it’s been a gamechanger!)


3. I ignored (pretty much) everything else.

I ignored free challenges, juicy masterclasses, webinars, etc – that did not line up with my intention. (This was not easy, but SO FREEING.)


4. I took scary action.

Towards the end of 2022 I noticed a program that popped up into my inbox from a marketing expert I’d been following for a long time (who I love and trust).

She was running a program on building connections, getting visible and taking consistent action.

I joined.


5. I showed up and did the work.  

During that program, I was a star student. I did the assignments, showed up for calls, and participated in the forums. I wanted the teacher to notice me (she’s also a potential partner!) and also, I wanted to connect with others in the class. You never know who might become a new connection/ partner/ friend!

6. I took scary action

One of the assigments in class led me to asking myself, “What influencer/ person/ podcaster do I love who would potentially have a ‘horizontal audience’ to mine?” (a horizontal audience means we serve the same people, but in different ways.) and “How might I be able to support that person?”

Farnoosh immediately popped into my brain. I knew she had a book coming out and I thought my audience would be great fit to promote to.

I DM’d her on IG to let her know I was a fan, I briefly introduced myself and asked her if she could use some help promoting her book. My audience is “her people.”

She wrote right back (!!), was super grateful, said she’d love for me to help promote and also – “let’s schedule you for a podcast.”




I didn’t even mention that. Besides being a fan.


She must have taken a look at my profile and just got a feeling. (or something??)


Anyway, I was floored and flattered.


I emailed her straight away (she included her personal email address) with the info she requested in our DM.


Several weeks went by….


7. I waited…. 2 months.

Did I misinterpret her IG convo? Was I not IG-popular enough? Did she just have second thoughts?

8. I took scary action

I didn’t know the answer, so I just politely emailed her again nearly 2 months later.




Okaaaaaaaaaay. Well, this is information, I thought. But hmm, weird, since she gave me her personal email!


So, around this time (Jan 2023), I was gearing up for the first official launch of M-$POT and was super busy with #allthethings.

Once the course wrapped up, I started thinking about Farnoosh again.


Maybe she didn’t get my emails? It seems so weird that she’d invite me on the show and then just ghost me…. It doesn’t seem like her personality to do that. Maybe she DIDN’T get my emails! I just don’t know and need more information before I let this go completely.


At this point, I was FINE not being on the show. It was seriously not a big deal. I just wanted to make sure I had all of the information and that she did in fact receive my emails. I mean, why would she not write back to someone who wants to help get her book in front of more people?


9. I took scary action. I took a deep breath and emailed one more time. This is now SEVEN MONTHS after my SECOND email.


When I wrote, I didn’t even mention the podcast. I was genuinely inquiring about the book launch and how I could help. (10. I checked my motives.) That was my original intention and I was sticking to it!


Crickets again... 3 weeks.

Now that’s bizarre.


Something wasn’t sitting right with me. I had not been sleazy, slimy, self-promoting – or anything like that in any of my communication. I was always reaching out in the spirit of generosity.


But… nothing. WEIRD!


I had been self-coaching myself through this whole process, but what I really excel at is (11.) giving people the benefit of the doubt.


I mean…. Why would she not respond to someone who wants to help promote her?

Why would she give her personal email to someone and then just ghost them?


Why would she say she wants to schedule me for a podcast and then quickly change her mind?


It didn’t follow a logical thread. And it also didn’t line up with what I knew to be true about her and her personality after listening to her podcast for years. She was a feminist! She loved supporting women! She interviewed TONS of people in the finance world and finance-adjacent – both “big” and “small!”


12. I harnessed what I knew to be true about myself – which was that I am awesome. I am confident in what I do. I am ready for an opportunity like this and I’m worth it. My level of self-esteem is such that I knew I could follow up (AGAIN) and whatever the outcome, I would be just fine.


13. I detached from the outcome.


14. I took scary action. I embraced my money shadow of “annoying” (more on that here) and decided to reach out one last time. ON INSTAGRAM.


I DM’d her to let her know I’d seen all the promos she’d been pushing out for her book (hurrah! So exciting!) – and btw, had she seen my emails? I want to help promote too! (I kept the focus on HER, not me.)


Well, she immediately DM’d me back and said, “I’m so sorry! I haven’t received them! Can you please resend?”




I immediately forwarded her the thread of the 3 emails I’d sent her with no response.


She responded gratefully and graciously and also said, “We were going to schedule you for a podcast! Here’s the link to book your spot.”




The rest is history.


You can listen to the interview here.


But even more amazing than this opportunity that I “manifested,” was my decision to not give up.


My decision to believe in myself.


My decision to believe in the best possible outcome.


My decision to not Velcro my self worth to something that was outside of my self.


THAT is the real work when it comes to your money mindset.


Can I believe in myself enough to believe I have value to offer the world?


Can I believe in myself enough to believe I deserve to be in the same room as a super successful “finance celebrity?”


Can I believe in myself enough to know that what I do and how well I do it has NOTHING to do with whether or not someone invites (or dis-invites) me on their podcast?


Can I believe in myself enough to follow up FOUR TIMES over the course of TEN MONTHS and still think that Ijust as I am right now – with this exact number of followers and subscribers, this exact level of income, this exact number of Likes and Shares, this exact website -- am enough?


I’m proud to say that for me – Yes, I do believe in myself that much.


It’s taken a ton of work to get here. To believe in myself enough to show up for myself at this level. To keep putting one foot in front of the other. To just keep showing up, despite what has felt like at times, an uphill climb. To honestly and genuinely be able to detach from the outcome.


But that’s what it takes.


That’s the journey of “manifestation.”

To Recap:

1. I set a clear intention.
2. I started noticing opportunities that lined up with my intention.
3. I ignored (pretty much) everything else.
4. I took scary action
5. I showed up and did the work
6. I took scary action
7. I waited
8. I took scary action
9. I took scary action

10. I checked my motives
11. I gave the person the benefit of the doubt (I focused on why this
could work)
12. I harnessed what I knew to be true about myself
13. I detached from the outcome.
14. I took scary action


It’s hard work.


And it’s a little bit of magic.


The waitlist for my 6-week online course, M-$POT is open now. That’s where I teach you how to do this stuff yourself. Yes, it’s about money. But really (spoiler alert), it’s all about learning how to believe in yourself.


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