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Where are you falling short? (+ resource)

October 16, 20232 min read

The energy of debt can permeate every are of our lives.

Debt is a sign that we’re falling short in some area. That there’s not enough and that we aren’t enough.


It can be a reflection of your lack of self-worth, self-belief and your perceived ability to create financial security for yourself.


👉It’s a reminder that you’re always falling short.


👉It’s a reflection that you’re always in the hole.

If you're holding on to a “not enough” belief about yourself that’s active in your subconscious, it’s going to go out into the world and look for and create reasons why that belief is true – including getting and staying in debt.

So your subconscious mind can PROVE that “I’m not enough belief” to be true.

"See, I have debt -- and therefore, I'm not enough."


And that belief shows up ALL OVER THE PLACE in your life --

I’m betting that if you have debt, you may also constantly trying to beat the clock (time debt), or you have low energy(energetic debt), or you’re always running out of things like gas or TP or patience (supply debt).

Your entire life starts to reflect "not enough" back to you.

🌟The good news is that there are super practical ways you can start raising your level of "enoughness" so that your life reflects more-than-enough back to you.

This looks like:

  • Getting more than enough sleep.

  • Keeping your tank of FULL.

  • Allotting extra time to get to work or meet your friend.


These are super easy ways to stay in the energy of overflow and start acclimating to a life that reflects more-than-enough in all areas.


💥 If you want 16 more super easy strategies to start shifting your life from not enough to more-than-enough, I've created a FREE audio for you to do just that.

(PDF with the strategies included… plus a bonus strategy because you deserve more-than-enough!)

When you start seeing, feeling and embodying a life of more-than-enough, your self value and self belief start increasing --

And the side effect of that is that you start to feel more WORTHY of more money.

You start asking for the raise. Raising your rates. Getting out of a job that undervalues you. Selling your art on etsy.


😎 If you're ready to amplify abundance in your life, grab my free resource to help you do just that.


PS: Don't forget to grab your free audio so you can start living in "more than enough" energy right now. These tools are super easy and truly life-changing.

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