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Letter from your future financial self

September 12, 20233 min read

Letter from Your Future Financial Self (12 months from now) Version #1:
Dear Self, 
I am exactly where you were this time last year financially-speaking. You chose not to stay in the same old familiar patterns and keep your head in the sand about your numbers. You decided to keep living into the same behaviors and thought patterns that brought you here rather than harnessing your courage and making change so you could grow your business/ take the trip/ make that down payment. I feel deflated and bummed. Like nothing will ever truly change for me. I wish I’d started last year. I’d be so much further along.



Letter from Your Future Financial Self (12 months from now) Version #2:
Dear Self, 
Holy cow, a LOT has happened in 12 months!!! I been able to significantly bump up my savings and now everything I buy is an expression of something I truly love. It feels so good to know where my money is going and how much is coming in. It’s this big whoosh of freedom! I found ways of creating more value that are SO MUCH FUN and have been able to generate enough income so I could finally take that trip. I believe in myself and my dreams again. I feel like I am consciously co-creating a financial future that lights me up from the inside out. Who knew money could be so much fun?!? Thank you for believing in yourself. I’m in a better place because you had the courage to begin.

PS: Those tapping sessions from The Lucky Soul were gamechangers! They really helped me when I got stuck in my head and helped me keep going. 
It’s silly of me to ask which version sounds better. 

Whether you choose to join The Abundance Accelerator or not, you always have the choice of a future where nothing changes or a future where positive change is unfolding for you. 

It’s always up to you and the choices you make TODAY.

What I’ve learned about money work is that it’s so much easier (and way more fun) to do with a supportive community of like-minded friends. 

(Anyone who’s worked with me before will tell you I have a knack for attracting the best/ most creative/ big-hearted/ generous people!) 

(👋 waves to past students and clients)

Success becomes inevitable with structure, accountability, support and cheerleading. (Did I tell you I was voted “Most Motivated” and “Most School Spirit” in high school?? 😬)  

I support you 100 whether you choose to join me tomorrow or not. 

But if you’re looking for a “financial kick start,” this is your sign. 

The 4 week class is just $222 which is just $55.50 per 90-minute class. That’s a pretty sweet deal.

Inside you get: 

🥳 Mindset support: Topic-specific Pro EFT Tapping sessions every week and tools to help you on the financial road forward

🥳 Dedicated work space in a group: This is not me talking at you for 90 minutes. It’s “pencils up” time on these calls doing the real work together. (Yes, you’ll need usernames/ passwords and calculators!) 

🥳 PDF “Lucky Sheets” to support your growth and help you go deeper

🥳 Optional group sharing: You’re welcome to share as much or as little as you like during the share-times on the calls. 

🥳 Dance Parties & Celebrations: Your wins – both big and small – are super important to acknowledge. And money actually loves the energy of celebration! 

👉Join here. We start tomorrow!! 


PS: Your financial future is in your hands. You have what it takes to make your dreams come true. I'd be honored to help you get there

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